Payment methods


Bitcoin is our preferred payment method. Bitcoin is a great way to pay over the internet, and it provides a secure and trouble free method of payment across national borders.

English pound

We are happy to accept Sterling payment through the faster payments bank tranfer system

Name Silo escrow

We register out names with Name Silo, and we can accept an immediate push through their market place. This allows for payment using a wide variety of national and crypto currencies. They make a 7.5% charge for this service.

Personal meetings

If you are in southern England, then we may be able to arrange a personal meeting, and we would be happy to accept payment in cash, or gold or silver coins.

Guard pets

Brown guard dog

Guard dogs

Dogs are the most popular guard pets

guard geese


Geesde have been used by the Chinese as gauard pets for many centuries

guard cat on the lookout

The guard cat

Cats can be quite territotial, and can make great lookouts

Donkey on guard

Guard donkey

Donkeys may not be the first pets that spring to mind as guards, but they make wonderful protectors of a farmer's flocks.

Snake guarding shoe at Harrods

Snake guards shoes

This famous cobra guarded a pair of jewel encrusted shoes at Harrods. The shoes were valued at £62,000. Nobody stole the shoes.

Guard llama

Guard llama

LLamas are used by farmers to protect flocks against predators. They are protective and don't just spit at you, they can give you a nasty kicking as well.